About Us

For the love of knitting and craftsmanship

Brimka sells yarns from high-quality merino wool and knitting patterns produced in Bulgaria for people of all ages, who love hand-made clothes from authentic materials.

Who We Are

It started with a stitch

Actually, our story started with Nora, our founder, and her twins Larry and Bobo. While a pregnant mommy with her boys – two out of three –, her love for knitting manifested and she started making clothes for her sons. 

In hindsight, it seems it was in her bloodline, as she didn’t wait long before coming up with her first designs for babies. What followed was what we jokingly call today Brimka’s mother, Kalinka – a brand for hand-knitted clothes for newborns and kids up to 10 years old. Now, eight years later, Kalinka has 24 realized collections and is present in Europe, Americas, and Asia. 

why we do what we do

With reverence for a region’s tradition

Brimka was founded in Nora’s home country Bulgaria, and the name means ‘stitch’ in the native language. We’re a brand enamored and driven by the region's craftsmanship, and its long traditions in knitting and producing yarns. You might have heard of the Chiprovtsi hand-weaved carpets, part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage. 

how we do it

Yarns produced along Danube's plains

Brimka’s yarns are from South America’s merino wool and are produced in Bulgaria’s oldest factory in Kyustendil. Our patterns have been tested and perfected over the last 15 years, and all colors are hand-picked by Nora, who is inspired by the palette of the green Danube plains, the sunrises over the river, the purple-orange nuances reflected in the water in summer, as well as the autumn’s mist and blueish frost.